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The strategic goal of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre is to concentrate international intellectual capital, thereby stimulating the development of break-through projects and technologies. In the course of implementation of the project, companies that are engaged in innovative development are discovered. After a selection process, some of these become project participants of the centre. They are provided with all assistance necessary for development. The Skolkovo Foundation and its partners transform the infrastructure, resources and other possibilities of the centre, into effective services for companies that are project participants.

International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (IIAAT) was created in September 1998, within the structure of SUAI (under Ministry of Education & Science of The Russian Federation) for synergizing Research & Development (R&D) in Advanced Aerospace Technologies, as well as suitably filling up the gap and creating the right bridge between academia and industry.

Over the years of its existence, IIAAT has highly successfully converted a number of technologies right from Conceptualization Stage up to Productization Stage. IIAAT and its specialists have been granted a large number Patents, Intellectual Property Rights and Export Licenses for the same. It has also lead towards establishment and birth of newer aerospace corporations to commercialize various technologies developed by IIAAT.

IIAAT - International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies

IIAAT - International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies

IIAAT has recently become part of Skolkovo Foundation (under its Space Technology/Aerospace Cluster). Skolkovo Foundation is widely regarded as a Technology and Innovation Powerhouse as well as amongst the most ambitious innovation-focused initiatives in Russia (been set up with a fund infusion of almost US$ 1 Billion)

Our goal is to meet the requirements and specifications of class with High quality for , Govt. authorities, Infra structure companies, Real-estate developers, Para Military forces, Hospitals (HEMSHelicopter Emergency Medical Service) He, Hotels and Ship/Rig owners in the most cost efficient way. Component are produced in our production line at Russia with Urban Aero , and the assembly is done at the coast, preferably at client’s yard, thus saving the high transport cost for an assembled helideck. Assembly could be done by a team from Urban Aero Plant or by the yard’s own people with a supervisor from us.

Helicopter IFR/GPS


Hickok & associates fills all of those expectations with the industry’s leaders: Visionaries during the formative years of GPS use as a navigational signal-in-space. Managers who FAA trusted for the development of helicopter IFR/GPS criteria and policy. Originators who identified the all-encompassing services critical to taking that criteria and policy, and wrote the book used today by the FAA and industry alike for the successful development of helicopter RNAV/GPS procedures throughout the United States. Savvy professionals experienced at transferring successful practices to meet CAA regulations and use by operators around the globe.

If you are considering an instrument approach procedure to enhance your all-weather flight capabilities, or perhaps a network of IFR procedures for a comprehensive helicopter airspace system, then we’d like to talk to you! Specific technical services for the development of IFR procedures will be essential to your success. Those services can best be provided by a company whose people have proven experience. A company you can trust. A company with a history of not only technical expertise in the development of IFR infrastructures, but also an unsurpassed record for implementing innovative solutions, and securing FAA approval to tailor those IFR solutions to your unique operational requirements.

Hickok & associates fills all of those expectations with the industry’s leaders: Visionaries during the formative years of GPS use as a navigational signal-in-space. Managers who FAA trusted for the development of helicopter IFR/GPS criteria and policy. Originators who identified the all-encompassing services critical to taking that criteria and policy, and wrote the book used today by the FAA and industry alike for the successful development of helicopter RNAV/GPS procedures throughout the United States. Savvy professionals experienced at transferring successful practices to meet CAA regulations and use by operators around the globe.

 Every project, every customer, and every site deserves the personal attention only the most experienced and qualified people can provide. This includes new and innovative solutions wherever necessary to best serve your IFR needs and expectations. Hickok & associates has the all-encompassing experience and unique capability to provide the results you expect.

Aeronautical Consulting - Heliport and Helipad Design- Construction

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Heli Experts International LLC is a professional aeronautical consulting firm specializing in Heliport and Helipad Design- Construction, Expansion, Relocation, Upgrades, Safety Audits, Training, Commissioning, Risk Evaluation, and Liability Assessments. We also provide specialized services for airspace assessments, FAA  obstruction evaluations, litigation support, expert  testimony, aeronautical planning, and operational safety assessments. We work with you to ensure practical alternatives and options as well as solid solutions to meet not only today’s needs but also tomorrow’s demands. Whether your project is for a corporate heliport, industrial helistop, hospital heliport, public heliport or private helipad, or even an entire heliport system we pride ourselves in being objective and unbiased consultants no matter what your needs.

HeliExperts International LLC is your full-service source for qualified and unbiased, professional heliport design and upgrade, aeronautical planning, and ongoing Safety Management System (SMS) support.

In addition to helping you through the regulatory process of designing and constructing, or upgrading, the right aeronautical facility for your needs and budget, HeliExperts International LLC also provides heliport safety evaluations and safety improvement services, heliport personnel training, and SMS integration of existing ground-level, elevated, rooftop, and floating heliports.

Our full-service in-house Heliport Development and Safety Management System services include:

  • Feasibility and site selection studies 
  • Heliport designs and master plans 
  • Application and procurement of all aviation, environmental, and land-use permits 
  • Oversight of existing facility regulatory compliance, safety, operational, and marketing issues 
  • Develop customized facility operations manual and provide training 
  • Longevity exposure (closure potential) and liability-reduction inspections 
  • Community-responsive “fly neighborly” route design and safety policies 

Safety and Risk Management company

Aerosafe is an international safety and risk management company, which provides services, support and tailored products in the fields of governance, risk management and safety management systems to companies around the world. Recognised as international experts in this important field, Aerosafe has been invited to set standards with government regulators, industry groups and companies alike.

Aerosafe’s reputation as a leader in the field has been built in the aviation industry. Whether it is military aviation, commercial aviation, airlines, aircraft manufacturing, air traffic services, general aviation or unmanned aerial vehicles Aerosafe is equipped to provide support to the aviation industry. Since its establishment in 1996, Aerosafe has built subspecialties in many of the unique aviation sectors. These include HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) Air ambulance operations (fixed wing and rotary), offshore helicopter operations, airports aerodromes, aviation operations for the mining, resource and energy sectors, airlines, charter, aerial work, flight training, tourism and adventure aviation.

In recent years, Aerosafe has grown in its provision of support to aviation regulators around the globe and has expertise in building regulatory oversight frameworks and systems specially to deliver on ICAO’s expectation for risk based oversight.

One of the key risk areas in aviation is safety. Aerosafe is experienced and equipped to support your organization in implementing, auditing or enhancing a safety management system. Our approach to safety management systems is that ‘it’s more than a piece of paper, it's peace of mind’. Below are some of the services we offer:

  • Risk Management
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Auditing & International Benchmarking
  • Safety & Risk Management Training
  • Industry Risk Profiling
  • Regulatory Oversight & Governance