Unbalanced demand and supply in Singapore driving industry

Unbalanced demand and supply in Singapore driving industry

There are not enough local driving instructors to coach learner drivers in Singapore.

I first noticed this issue when I was a learner driver myself ten years ago. Back then, I took driving lessons from two private driving instructors precisely because one driving instructor will not be able to provide me the number and frequency of driving lessons that I want. Every private driving instructor was only able to give each learner two to three lessons a week. I took four to five lessons a week as I wanted to speed up the process to getting my driving license.

In current times, a learner driver would be lucky if he is able to get two to three driving lessons a week. Most of the private driving instructors can only afford to give each learner driver one to two driving lessons a week. Moreover, the learner drivers will have to book the driving lessons at least three days in advance else they may not be able to get the driving lesson they want. This clearly shows that the trend of the shortage of supply of private driving instructors has continued from the past till date. In fact, the situation has worsened.

This applies to the driving centers as well. The driving centers also do not have enough driving instructors to provide adequate lessons with the school learner drivers. Recently, I heard that school learner drivers have to wait about one to two months before their next driving lesson at the driving centers. This is getting out of hand. If students have to wait one to two months for a driving lesson, they can only complete their curriculum in one to two years.

The shortage of the private driving instructors can be resolved if the Singapore Traffic Police start to issue private driving instructor licenses again. This will result in new blood joining the industry. As for the driving centers, even though they are allowed to train more driving instructors, there are not enough driving instructors joining them. This could be due to the low pay that is attached to the job. The driving centers can simply solve the issue by increasing the pay for the school driving instructors.

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