Reviews for Singapore driving instructors moderately helpful

Reviews for Singapore driving instructors moderately helpful

There are quite a few review websites that contain reviews for Singapore private driving instructors. I find these reviews helpful to a small extent. The main underlying reason why I feel so is because the account creation process is not tightly controlled.

Anyone could create accounts at the review websites with simple information such as name and password. Advanced personal information such as NRIC is not required for the account creation. This allows people to create multiple fake accounts to post fake reviews. A solution will need to be implemented to prevent this issue from happening. Until that happens, I will find the reviews on the websites biased and manipulated by people. A driving instructor may be creating multiple accounts to rate himself highly on the review websites just to enhance his reputation on the websites. On the other hand, he could be playing down the other instructors to gain an advantage over them.

I will trust match up agencies more. Match up agencies like Sglearntodrive (You can visit its link here – provide reliable and quality private driving instructors to learner drivers. They have a quality assurance that if the learner drivers find the private driving instructors unsuitable for them, they could request for a change of instructors. The match up agencies will then provide another private driving instructor to the learner driver, and waive off the registration fee for the subsequent driving instructors. It would essentially be a free, no-cost change of private driving instructor for the private learner drivers.

Hence, I will recommend people to seek out match up agencies instead of relying on review websites. Sometimes, these review websites may not be as helpful as one may think they are. Think through and analyze the situations before one makes any decisions. This is a helpful tip that can apply to other areas of your life other than for seeking out reliable private driving instructors in Singapore.

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